On the 25th August we started a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo to raise the needed funds to pay for the first production run. The campaign was scheduled to run for 30 days and at about the halfway point Bits & Bytes hit its goal (the campaign finished and we were about 150% subscribed). The success of the campaign was due to the activism of hundreds of supporters – far too many to mention (but you know who you are) and who’s assistance in spreading the word is greatly appreciated. To those people we give a big thank you.

And of course the campaign would never have reached and passed its goal without people having faith in Bits & Bytes and backing the campaign. These people have come from all over the world including UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Germany, France and more.

To our backers we send an extra-special thanks and our gratitude.

Executive Producers 

Darren Griffiths
Karl Knights
Ben Simons
Scott Turner
Graeme de Villiers
CBiS Education

Justin La Hood
Jane Chalaby
Mark Tincknell
Viv Nissanka

Our Supporters 

Joek van Montfort
Stefan Kemp
Christophe Toudic
Simon Emery
Oscar & Harvey Mills
Graeme Cunningham
Kathy Donovan
Eren Aykin
Karen Leighton
Jonathan Bailey
Florence Chen
Dr. Alfonso Orsini
Gerard de Maudave
Nikki England
Mrs G Spong

Carrie Anne Philbin
Diana Hogbin-Mills
Marcus Palomar
Sarah Virginia
G. D’agostino
George Maynard
Tim Slavin
Gareth Pugh
Iain Bennett
Martin Skinner
Emma Hobbs
Shelagh Mackenzie
Sasja Steenvoorde
Matthew Weaver
Martin Evans
Suzie Crwys-Williams

Sjoerd Dirk Meijer
Riccardo Zanussi
Kevin Sanders
Andrew Worthington
Marcus Lambert
Katharine Childs
Brad McNee
Dan Sofer
Chris Leach
Mary Farmer
Natalia Ripsher
Paul Mills
Paul Sampson
Vladimír Bálint
Jo Kelly
Dr Deidre Holes

Dorothy Hogbin
Donna Rooney
Siobhan Kirwan
Alison Sakai
Craig Smith
Macon Pegram III
Emma Swaisland
Marc Grossman
Stacey Howell
Helen Dinneen
Ed Wales
Joanne Lynn
Matteo Menapce
Isabelle Blasquez
Patrick Welfringer
Matt Mecham

Wallace Mills
Chris Casey
Alun Williams
Rupa Tamsitt
Danny Stack
Paul Platts
Yasemin Allsop
Nick Wood
Phil Pickering
Rebecca Militano
Daniel Stephenson
Gillian Seaman
Ian Harcombe
Sue Urban
Wei Williams