Playing Bits and Bytes

Goal / Objective

To get your Program home to the planet Ram while avoiding Walls, Bugs and the evil overlord CPU.

How does Bits and Bytes help your child?
Bits and Bytes helps teach children computational thinking. It teaches a combination of problem solving, logic, algorithms and much more.

Children learn how to break problems down into the smallest steps required to achieve a solution (algorithms).

Bits & Bytes has been designed to help familiarise children with the world of coding so when they are ready to start coding it’s a far less daunting proposition (i.e. character names used are based on actual computer terms, actual computer terminology in used in the rules, the backstory explains how a computer works, the font used is common to computer programming interfaces and much more).

By playing Bits and Bytes children are having fun but they are also making the connection that the game has something to do with computers, which is important for learning computational thinking.

The Backstory

Far from Earth on a planet called Ram, live the Programs – small monsters with stumpy legs and big toes. Life on Ram was idyllic until the dreaded CPU arrived. No one knows where he came from but his appearance is not of their world. CPU is the overlord of Ram and ruthlessly controls it, telling the Programs exactly what they can and cannot do. Nobody dared to disobey him, until four best friends – Data, Perl, Bit and Byte – defied him. They were playing where they weren’t allowed when CPU caught them. Enraged by their disobedience CPU banished each of them to separate corners of the galaxy – far from Ram and their families… But nobody tells Data, Perl, Bit and Byte they can’t go home.

Can you help Data, Perl, Bit and Byte to return to their home, Ram, without being caught by CPU or his feared henchman, Bug?

How does this help your child?
The backstory to Bits & Bytes familiarises children with how computers physically work. In a computer when you run a Program it lives in the RAM (Random Access Memory) component and the brain of the computer that controls everything is the CPU (Central Processing Unit).

By reading this backstory children learn by association and understand how computers actually work.

How to play Bits and Bytes

We are constantly tweaking our rules based on your feedback (to make the game as simple as possible for children to play). If you would like to download the latest version of the rules then please click on the link below.

Click here to download the official Quick Start Instruction guide (to be printed on both sides of an A4 sheet)…

Do you have any Questions on playing?

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