Frequently Asked Questions

Children of today are the computer coders of tomorrow.

At the moment, the world of coding is dominated by mathematicians, scientists and engineers (in a male dominated industry). But it shouldn’t be this way. Coding is very creative – it’s not just about geeks.

We need to encourage diversity and creativity in coding to ensure that in the future our computer programs appeal to as much of the population as possible.

When you see children playing with Bits & Bytes it’s an amazing experience. It appeals equally to both boys and girls and its flexibility encourages creativity. Bits & Bytes is a tool that helps prepare children for the world of coding regardless if they are 4 or 11.

“Coding is creative, poets make the best coders. Code is empowering. Get them coding and you won’t hear a squeak out of them” Ian Livingstone (CBE, Founder - Games Workshop)
With any new game we understand people might have questions or things they are unsure about. If you have a question then please ask us here or we might have already answered it below.

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