Help Kids Code publishes an article on Bits and Bytes

Help Kids Code publishes article on Bits & Bytes

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When you’re a start up and trying to do something that is perhaps more philanthropic based rather than commercial it’s hard to get publicity. But Bits & Bytes continues to surprise me. We’ve got some great articles coming out in the coming weeks and something else a little bit exciting too (more on that in a later blog). Bits & …

Children learning to code the old fashioned way

Our children should be a generation of creators

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We’re a day and a half into the crowd funding campaign and already we have picked up some great supporters who share our passion for providing as many children as possible with the tools they need to learn the fundamentals of coding. Bits & Bytes is one such tool. I think it is important to remind people of why it …

Learning the fundamentals of computer coding is made easy by Bits and Bytes

The crowd funding campaign for Bits and Bytes is live

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After weeks (and I do mean weeks) of preparation the crowd funding campaign for Bits and Bytes is live on Indiegogo. You can click here to go to Indiegogo and help make Bits and Bytes a reality. The campaign is starting with two special perks (rewards) – and EARLY BIRD SPECIAL perk and the BUY ONE – DONATE ONE perk. For £15 …

Watch the Crowd Funding video for Bits & Bytes now

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It is less than 9 days until the Crowd Funding campaign officially starts but the video supporting the campaign is already live. So if you can’t wait for the campaign to start and would like to watch the video now (it is only 90 seconds long) and see some footage of children playing Bits & Bytes, then you can watch …

What is Crowd Funding

What is Crowd Funding?

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I received a question today on the Bits & Bytes Facebook page asking “What is Crowd Funding?” Crowd Funding is not a new phenomenon, indeed the humble telethon (think “Red Nose day” if you are in the UK) is an example of Crowd Funding. In the case of a telethon a charity is raising money to achieve an objective (i.e.: help …

Examples of the cards used in Bits and Bytes

The journey so far

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What started as a kernel of an idea scribbled into my notes over two years ago has become Bits & Bytes. I remember the driving force for the idea being that my oldest was in reception (age 4-5) and I was convinced he could start developing the mindset needed for computer coding without using a computer and indeed without even knowing how …