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What is Bits & Bytes?

Bits & Bytes is an exciting and fun card game that teaches children the fundamentals of computer coding and STEM skills, without the children realising they are learning to code.

The game is simple to play. Children take it in turns to “play” (show) an Instruction card and they move their Programme accordingly around the Grid of shuffled cards. Before they can move forward the player reveals the card in front of their Programme – if it is blank they can proceed but it if is a Wall, a Bug or the dreaded CPU then they can’t move and may have to “debug” their Instructions (depending on the revealed card). Once all the Programmes are home the game is over. And when the children have mastered the game they are ready for the advanced version where they create a computer programme using the cards.

As far as a child is concerned they are having fun and playing a card game, but at the same time they are creating computer concepts, like algorithms and the sequencing of instructions, and they are learning the invaluable skill of problem solving. By doing so they are developing a logical mind-set, which is required for coding/programming.

By playing Bits & Bytes, children are developing the logical foundations for programming computers, thus when they do start to learn actual coding later in life they already have the required mindset. After all, actual coding (programming) is little more than issuing a few instructions to a computer.

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What Teachers say…

The game was popular with children from reception through to year 6. The rules were easy to understand and the game appealed to both girls and boys who enjoyed playing it.Mrs Gill Little, Primary school teacher
We were impressed to discover that Bits and Bytes held as much appeal for our Year 6 computer experts as it did for our Reception pupils. Ms Vicki Gray, Year 5 and 6 teacher
The game is a great platform for encouraging the use of coding vocabulary – pupils were eager to teach each other the game and resources were easy to organise. It was useful to have the children learning computer skills without the need for a PCMs Shannon Thewlis, Year 5 and 6 teacher
As a parent, teacher and member of the school council, I feel this is an invaluable tool to help primary aged pupils learn about computer programming in a fun way. It supports all the values of the curriculum for excellence.Alison Ford, Special needs teacher

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